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Renet Asia On the Campus

The face of education is changing and Renet Asia’s comprehensive e-learning suite of comprehensive solutions has been specifically designed for the educational environment, particularly towards teaching and learning of subject-matter contents. Renet Asia’s academic knowledge and learning management application is a centralized database system which allows educational institution to access, evaluate and manage a wide variety of knowledge-based information including e-learning pedagogical programs, distance learning programs, courseware materials depository, tracking and management of individual student’s learning curve and performance. With an increase in demand for knowledge, education institutions rely on the use of ICT to enhance and supplement the delivery of teaching and learning activities.

This is insight with the country’s aim to improve the education system through fostering of IT related human resources in order to cope with the information society. By leveraging the power of the Internet to create e-learning opportunities and prolonging ones’ learning experience, Renet Asia is able empower individual learners to become permanent members of K-society that will in turn be a contributing fixture to meeting the objectives of Vision 2020 (to transform Malaysia into knowledge based society, K-society).

Renet Asia at Work

Renet Asia’s knowledge and learning management solutions are designed to improve the performance of an organization through on-going and continuous learning. At the same time, we recognize that the business agenda must often come first and so Renet Asia’s e-learning solutions empower workers to acquire new skills and knowledge, at their own pace and at a time that is convenient to the organization as a whole.

Likewise, we recognize knowledge as an asset, and through management and delivery solutions, we enable academic institutions and enterprises to retain and manage knowledge within their organization, having archived learning materials and disseminate them electronically, available on demand – anytime, anywhere – to train and equip new workers or individual learners. Our solutions assist our client’s workforce by turning strategies into action, process into profits and technology into productivity, thus placing benefits to emerging K-society.

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