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AccNET Intelliclass Overview
Renet Asia Sdn Bhd has developed its own Learning Management System (LMS) that we have branded as ACCNet, which stands for Academic Collaborative Community Network.

AccNet, or Academic Collaborative Community Network, is a customized, easy-to-use content driven, interactive, intuitive, which consists of a complimentary platform that synergies asynchronous and synchronous teaching and learning habits and pedagogical knowledgebase information delivery and repository backbone, in one controlled and manageable system.

AccNet is a platform that addresses e-learning, and allows information gathering, assessment and evaluation, management and communication in a single solution. Student-centric and subject-matter educators can deploy and manage a substantiate amount of knowledgebase information to all the students over a secured network that enables a complimentary set of training and learnin tools besides just traditional face-to-face learning.

AccNet simplifies management task, reduces operational cost, facilitates students’ learning habits and increases students’ performance. Learning objects, or learning resources are reusable and knowledge content is always intuitive and interactive. With the advent of Internet, students can have access to continuous education anytime, anywhere without being in a classroom environment.

Classroom lectures are captured and converted into a multimedia format, stored into the server, delivered via the network and viewed from any browser – anytime, anywhere; self-paced review or revision on lecture notes; assessment of on-line assignments – tutorials, quizzes; provides a collaborative environment for group studies; and as a forum space for interaction between students and subject-matter educators.

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