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Learning Management Solution
Renet Asia Sdn Bhd has developed its own Learning Management System (LMS) that we have branded as ACCNet, which stands for Academic Collaborative Community Network.

ACCNet is a customized, easy-to-use, interactive and intuitive content driven learning management platform. Asynchronous and synchronous teaching and learning preferences, pedagogical knowledge-based information delivery and repository backbone are effectively controlled and managed from one single-unified platform.

An all-encompassing e-learning platform, ACCNet is a one-stop solution for information gathering, assessment and evaluation, management and communication.

Student-centric and subject-matter educators can manage and deploy a substantial amount of knowledge-based information to students over a secured network equipped with a complimentary set of teaching and learning tools more effectively as compared to a traditional face-to-face learning experience. ACCNet complements and supplements the face-to-face learning and not replace it entirely.

ACCNet allows academic institutions and organizations to be engaged in continuous training and learning development, to benefit from complimentary and supplementary approaches to education such as collaboration learning, or most commonly referred to as blended learning.

ACCNet is able to capture, store and manage any given learning objects, or learning resource which is reusable, intuitive and interactive. Students are then allowed dynamic access towards these learning objects while enjoying continuous education even when not in a classroom environment.

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