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ReLANpro Cloud Manager

Total Integration Between Your Language Lab And Online Materials!

The ReLANpro cloud manager is a web-based content management tool that allows teachers 24/7 access to create and edit their online multimedia materials ( audio & video, text and multiple choice). It can also be used, to orally grade and correct the student answers. The teacher can add his own voice to a student answer.

These files are stored on the Cloud Server provided by ReLANpro and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Finally the teacher isn’t restricted to the school compound to do his or her work!


  • The most easy to use teacher tool ever build
  • Insertable teacher (audio) responses to student’s homework
  • Upload, download and edit your content and student anywhere, any time
  • Fully integrates with your ReLANpro language labs

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Freedom For Teachers And Students

With the ReLANpro Cloud Manager we go full circle. The combination of ReLANpro Mobile, ReLANpro .NET and now ReLANpro Cloud Manager is the most powerfull learning tool on the market today.

Students can do their exercises at school, at home or anywhere they feel comfortable. Teachers can upload learning content, lessons or do grading in the comfort of their home and even in the park. The only thing both need is a device connected to the internet. Our software and Cloud Server does the rest…

“Finally, a total integration between your language lab and our cloud services.”

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