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ReLANpro Mobile

Learn any language anywhere, anytime

The free ReLANpro Mobile app can be downloaded form the iTunes App Store and installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It offers a similar experience to the classroom language lab the students have at school. Teachers can create their own exercises and upload them onto the ReLANpro Cloud Server that the students can access 24/7.

Students use the app to listen to their teacher’s instructions and record their oral responses. The Cloud Server – provided by ASC – can hold all your current language teaching materials. The ReLANpro Mobile offers the advantages of a language lab in self-study mode from the student’s own iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – anywhere!

“Ideal for enhancing not only school based study but home and community based learning”

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How does ReLANpro Mobile Work?

  • The teacher can upload the materials to the ReLANpro Cloud Server using the ReLANpro Cloud Manager.
  • Teacher materials from the ReLANpro Cloud Server are downloaded to the student’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch recorder and placed as a master file.
  • The students’ answers are recorded to a separate track and to be saved. Their answers are then uploaded to the Cloud Server for teachers to access and grad through the Cloud Manager

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