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Renet’s TELL ME MORE® language training provides greater depth, breadth, and quality than any other language learning solution available today. Based on authentic materials the entire program can be customized to suite your unique class needs and skill levels.

TELL ME MORE® delivers an engaging learning experience that combines the most innovative content with the latest in learning theory and pedagogy while leveraging state of the art technology. The TELL ME MORE® solution represents over twenty years of research and development investments and is a breakthrough language learning program covering initial language acquisition through mastery. The TELL ME MORE® experience includes:

  • Easy-to-comprehend content created by expert instructional designers
  • Specialized oral communication content
  • Supplemental Business and Culture specific content
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Workshops
  • 37 different types of learning activities/interactions
  • Speech Recognition with playback and achievement scale
  • Spoken Error Tracking System (SETS®) technology automatically detects and corrects your pronunciation errors
  • Professional voice-overs, videos, 3-D animations, and real-world graphics
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility

P.R.I.M.E. Approach to Language Learning

Developed by a team of language Experts, TELL ME MORE leverages the renown Communicative Approach to language learning, a methodology recommended by language experts worldwide and used in leading universities around the world.

This approach emphasizes interaction and the use of language skills in real world situations rather than simply memorizing words. TELL ME MORE implements this methodology using the PRIME approach:

Whatever your fluency level and goals TELL ME MORE will help you succeed. Whether you’re a true beginner or a more advanced speaker, TELL ME MORE will keep you on track and learning.

TELL ME MORE develops each program to reflect the culture, history, people and geographical background of the language. While other programs focus on memorization and repetitive drills, TELL ME MORE makes use of real-world video, animations, graphics and situations so that you are completely immersed in an authentic learning environment.

Like millions of people, you might have tried to learn a language in the past and struggled to communicate with native speakers. The key issue is a lack of practice opportunity. TELL ME MORE features Interactive dialogues and thousands of exercises that will enable you to communicate in minutes and practice as often as you like.

With more than 40 different types of activities, you are constantly challenged and actively engaged in the learning process. Learning is always fun and engaging.

And lastly a language learning program needs to be Effective. TELL ME MORE is so effective that more than 94% of learners demonstrated significant progress and satisfaction with the program.

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