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ReLANpro Capabilities
The utterly powerful resources the ReLANpro brings to the dynamic modern classroom comprise an exhaustive list. Highlights include:

Central Monitoring

The instructor station of the ReLANpro system is the nerve center, and from this vantage point, the instructor can view any student screen, directly on his/her own monitor. Progress checks, coaching, private corrective guidance, and mentoring, can be accomplished very effectively.

Individual Student Intercom

Via each student’s headset, the instructor can conduct semi-private, two-way conversations at any time with an individual student, or a select group of students.

Central Control of Each Student Station

At any time, using a simple function key, the instructor can assume control of any student’s mouse/keyboard to intervene for correction, guidance, or demonstrations. One student can be involved or the whole class.

Instructor Call Function

Students can request support at any time, regardless of the applications that are active. The instructor can then intercom semi-privately with the student via headset, view the student’s screen on his or her own monitor, and assume control remotely if necessary.

Keyboard & Mouse Block

The instructor can suspend the control of any or all stations, very effective in exam situations, for one example.

Software Accessibility

The instructor has full latitude to configure which software selections are available to the student stations (including Internet applications!).

Central Software Launch

The instructor can launch any desired software to all student stations; specific units within certain software packages can be indicated upon launch (such as predefined Microsoft Word™ template documents).

Central Software Shutdown

The instructor can centrally shutdown any or all applications in concert.

Central File Distribution

The instructor can distribute files to any or all student stations simultaneously. These files can also be distributed to removable media, such as floppies, zip disks, or USB flash drives. Likewise, files can be distributed from the instructor’s own central hard drive, removable media (such as zip disks and CD-ROMs), or a network server.

Controlled HTML/Internet Access

An instructor can easily distribute all sorts of HTML applications, and define or control where browsers may or may not go.

Analogue Television/Video Distribution

The instructor station can easily link to external equipment, and thereby distribute all kinds of video and audio resources. These can range from live satellite or television signals, conventional VCR / DVD players, audio signals from tape or CD, signals from presentation cameras, and so on.

Darkening Screens

The instructor can darken all student screens whenever needed. This is ideal for examinations (and for something as simple as getting attention!).

Distribution of Any Screen to Any or All Other Screens

The instructor can transmit any screen from within the class to another station, or to a group of stations, as needed. Comparisons, group collaboration, and demonstrations are exceedingly easy!

Model Student

The instructor can broadcast a particular student’s screen and audio output to all other student stations. This can be extremely helpful in demonstrations, guided study, question and answer sessions, and any other collaborative task.

Ultimate Presentation Tool

The instructor can connect any conceivable electronic presentation tool to the system for a robust teaching/learning environment. More traditional audio/visual resources can augment the computerized content; instructors can elect to integrate any and all elements as they see fit. The instructor can demonstrate any software on all stations at the same time, including specific presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint™, Corel Presentations™, et cetera).

Central Student Station Shutdown

The instructor can turn off all student stations from his or her workstation in one move.

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