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ReLANpro Overview

The world’s best LAN-based language, video, computer, writing, testing and cross curricular lab.

The ultimate question: How can we most effectively use computer technology to teach a wide variety of topics, with ease of use for both instructor and learner?

The ReLANpro is the answer – an instructional system that performs and delivers, yet is easy for both the instructor and the student to navigate and use.

A complete environment can be scaled to include just a few stations or a full classroom. The student stations are simply desktop PCs, introducing economy, and making general maintenance, upgrades, and replacements a snap.

The instructor can fully interact with all students from the instructor console—from audio intercom to assuming full control of the student’s screen, keyboard, and mouse. Monitoring and interaction are as easy as clicking on a seating chart… gone are the days of endlessly walking around a computer room trying to physically assist an entire class!

Impressive capabilities are what the system is all about when it comes to resources. Practically every imagineable educational computerized activity can be conducted in a ReLANpro classroom.

What is the ReLANpro and how does it work?

The ReLANpro is a software-based media lab that operates via your school’s Local Area Network and offers a suite of features focusing on computer training and language training.

Since the ReLANpro is software based, many of the concerns of the IT department and schools’ physical plant are eliminated as the system relies on the school LAN (computer network) to operate. No special installation procedures (cable routing etc.) are required.

The ReLANpro can be added to an existing computer lab, installed in a dedicated room, or throughout different classrooms within a school.

What are the six areas in which the ReLANpro excels?

The ReLANpro offers six main suite applications in a single operational package:


  • The teacher can see the names of all students who are logged-on and what program(s) they are interacting with.
  • A software-based “virtual recorder” eliminates past generation mechanical recorders.
  • The “virtual recorder” offers 12 “go to” bookmarks.
  • Students can watch a video and translate the audio track to another language.
  • Students can watch a video and record their answers to a teacher’s questions.
  • Students can watch a video and write their comments.
  • Students can watch a video and answer a Multiple Choice test.
  • Any or all of the above functions can “run” simultaneously.
  • Students can access teacher selected web sites on the Internet.

Audio communications (LAN based – Pairing, Telephone Dialing)


  • A complete Computer Supervision System (CSS) including a dual monitor teacher computer which allows the teacher to view any student screen, interact with the student, and take control of the student PC for instructional purposes.
  • Up to 6 student screens can be viewed by the instructor simultaneously.
  • Broadcasting of any student screen to any or all other student screens. (for peer to peer instruction)
  • The teacher can restrict (block) students visiting any website or opening any application.
  • Teachers can open applications for one, several or all students (i.e. Word™, Excel ™or Power Point ™)
  • The ability to transfer digital files to and from one, a group, or all student computers.
  • Transfer of any video to one, a group, or all student PCs. (DVDs, VHS, camera stand, etc.)
  • Paperless testing is accomplished by sending out a digital file (i.e. in Word®) allowing the students to complete the project and then collecting the data electronically – no paper is used!

A video distribution system is included. Multiple streams are available simultaneously.

A Multiple Choice authoring (teacher) and testing (student) system with correct/incorrect feedback to the students and results emailed to the teachers’ personal email number.


  • A dual window text editing system that allows students to cut and paste from the teacher window to their own to answer test questions or write comments to video presentations.
  • The lab can run any PC program (math, science, history, language etc.)

What are the benefits of the ReLANpro to educators?

The ReLANpro is a complete system that is easy to use and easier to justify. (as it is less expensive than a “wired” lab) The ReLANpro offers an exciting array of applications that can be used by all disciplines. (including the wonderful video distribution feature)

What are the benefits of the ReLANpro to students?

The ReLANpro allows students to work as a class or individually (self study). Students can open any of the applications (if allowed to by the instructor) and work at their own pace. Students can watch videos and translate the accompanying soundtrack, write comments directly into the text editor, answer multiple choice questions, or open any combination of the supplied programs simultaneously.

What are the benefits of the ReLANpro to IT personnel?

The ReLANpro is easier to install than a “fixed” lab. The ReLANpro is easy to update as it’s a software only system.

What does the ReLANpro cost to install?

Educators can receive a personalized proposal by entering their desired system configuration into the System Planner Form on the Design page of this web site.

How to justify the ReLANpro to: Administration

The following points can be offered to your administration:

  • The ReLANpro is less expensive that a “fixed” language lab yet more powerful.
  • The ReLANpro has no moving parts so is not subject to the same mechanical failures as analog systems.
  • The ReLANpro can be used to train students in many disciplines.
  • The ReLANpro can be maintained by a district’s own IT personnel. The schools’ educators will be attracted to advanced technology and will stay within the district. (rather than look for another job at a “high tech” school district)
  • The school’s new lab/s will attract new students to the school.
  • Schools and/or districts become community “technology” leaders. There is a great advantage to communities to easily see where their bond monies and/or taxes have been spent in the pursuance of “excellence of education.”
  • Parents are supportive of new technology and support preparing their children for a world job market. This is the best benefit of all and needs least explanation. Happy parents contribute to the well being of their own offspring, the school, and the community at large.
  • The ReLANpro can be added to an existing computer lab.
  • The ReLANpro is easy to move, should the need arise.

How to justify the ReLANpro to: Fellow Teachers

  • The ReLANpro is easy to use and will enhance their ability to teach languages.
  • The ReLANpro can be used to teach curriculum other than languages including computer studies.
  • The ReLANpro can be kept up to date and managed by the schools IT personnel eliminating “outside contractors.”
  • Training for the ReLANpro is available online.

How to justify the ReLANpro to: IT Personnel

  • The ReLANpro is software based so the IT personnel can maintain and upgrade the lab themselves.
  • As there is no “mechanical” installation, rooms do not need to be “torn up” to facilitate a new system.
  • The ReLANpro can be easily added to an existing computer lab.
  • The IT personnel can monitor the functionality of the system from their office.
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