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Diskeeper 2010 Professional Edition
Get the peak system performance you need to meet the demands of today’s busy computers.

Diskeeper® 2010 Professional edition performance software not only prevents the majority of fragmentation before it can happen, it includes advanced network management capabilities, critical system file protection and file optimization for lightning fast response times.

New IntelliWrite Fragmentation Prevention Technology
IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention technology prevents up to 85% of the fragmentation every system suffers from. It intelligently writes contiguous files to the disk so system resources are not wasted creating fragmentation. The results? A whole new level of system speed and efficiency.

The Breakthrough of InvisiTasking
Diskeeper is the only defragmenter with InvisiTasking® technology, a real-time background processing technology that allows Diskeeper 2010 to defragment your system as fragmentation occurs, even during heavy traffic times — without using active system resources. InvisiTasking eliminates the need for scheduling and administrator attention.

Shift into High Gear with i-FAAST
Diskeeper 2010 I-FAAST® 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) accelerates file access times to meet the heavy workloads of file-intensive applications. Utilizing a specially formulated technology, I-FAAST closely monitors file usage and organizes the most commonly accessed files for the fastest possible access, up to 80% faster.

Save Energy Costs
PCs with Diskeeper run more efficiently saving corporations thousands of dollars in energy costs each year. Diskeeper can save an estimated $3.22 per PC per year in energy costs. It makes bottom line dollars and cents to install Diskeeper on every PC on your network. Read Going Green with Diskeeper here.

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