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Deep Freeze for Libraries

Computers are deployed in virtually every library today. Patrons use computers to search for books on the shelf and access information on the Internet; librarians need their workstations to check books in and out, communicate with other branches, and manage the daily administration needs. Computers in a public access environment inevitably become plagued by software corruption, viruses, and system misconfiguration. Since most libraries do not have a dedicated IT specialist on site, librarians are often burdened with the task of dealing with troublesome computers and providing front-line support to patrons. When computers experience serious problems that require IT attention, it often takes an extended period of time for IT personnel to arrive on site. This leaves public access and administrative computers in an unusable state for an extended period of time.

Public Access and Catalogue Computers
Deep Freeze ensures that library patrons and staff enjoy a trouble-free computing experience. Patrons are able to use public access library computers with the assurance that their session will be free from malicious software such as viruses and spyware. They can also rest easy knowing that any personal information entered into or recorded by the computer will be wiped out at the end of their session.

Staff Computers
Deep Freeze ensures that librarians can depend on a rock-solid computer to succeed in their responsibilities–such as checking books in and out, requesting transfers, keeping track of group room requests, and accessing research catalogues. Since Deep Freeze keeps computers running at 100% capacity, librarians can focus on providing library assistance to patrons and completing their daily administrative tasks, rather than being burdened with computer-related patron requests.

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