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Deep Freeze for Hospitality

Hospitality providers know that their ability to deliver best-in-class service levels is heavily dependent on the integrity and reliability of their computing technology. Whether it’s deployed in customer-facing, administrative, in-room, or business centre environments, one element remains constant– guests expect hospitality providers to be able to deliver a stress-free experience from start to finish. Deep Freeze helps hospitality providers meet and exceed guest expectations by ensure a trouble-free computing experience–guests can count on total system integrity, staff can rely on professional computing availability, and IT personnel are freed from tedious support requests.

Public Access Computers
Deep Freeze helps take away the pains of maintaining computers that are used by numerous anonymous individuals–kiosks, cybercafes, and in-room computers all fall into this category. Deep Freeze protects computers from becoming damaged, corrupted, or misconfigured due to viruses, spyware, malicious or accidental user activity. The result is a stress-free computing experience for your guest that increases their positive perception of your organization.

Operations and Administration
Ensuring business operations run smoothly with computers you can trust is an important part of the guest experience. Whether computers are placed in customer-facing areas such as check-in desks, or behind-the scenes in the administrative office, both are critical for providing guests with products and services that they expect–efficiently and effectively. Deep Freeze ensures that computers are always available when needed, and can assure hospitality providers that staff productivity remains high with computers that remain distraction-free.

Business Centres
Corporate guests count on business centers to serve as their office on the road. Computers, telephones, printers, scanners, and Internet access are all critical to their daily productivity, which is why hospitality providers need to ensure their business centers are fully functional and trouble-free at all times. Unfortunately, guests often damage workstations inadvertently by installing unauthorized software, reconfiguring system settings, and exposing the computer to Internet dangers such as viruses and spyware–all of which generate a support request to an already overworked IT department. Deep Freeze’s absolute protection eliminates all these problems by ensuring computers start up in a pristine and trouble-free condition each and every time.

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