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Device Filter MAC

Faronics Device Filter empowers IT administrators with the ability to block peripheral devices from connecting to desktop computers. Any peripheral device—such as an iPod, USB drive, Bluetooth phone, or digital camera—can be managed to prevent unauthorized data transfers or connections from taking place. IT personnel are able to assign permanent, temporary, or one-time-only authorizations to devices, and can also assign constraints to filter devices or network connections based on capacity. With the ability to generate usage reports, Device Filter allows system administrators to monitor the network-wide device connections and file transfers that have taken place.

Key Features

  • Connectivity Management
    Designate which devices can be used:

    • Media players connected via USB such as iPods, PSPs, or other MP3 players
    • CD / DVD ROMs
    • Modems
    • Hard drives, key chain drives, cameras, or any other peripheral connected via USB or FireWire

    Specify how devices connect:

    • USB / FireWire
    • Infrared
    • Bluetooth
    • Ethernet
    • Wireless
  • Configuration Flexibility
    • Create pre-configured installation packages with the Device Filter Mac Assistant for deployment to multiple workstations
    • Assign constraints to filter devices or network connections based on capacity
    • Remain up-to-date with “Check for updates” feature
  • Security and Control Options
    • Utilize password protection options
    • Assign permanent, temporary, or one-time-only authorizations
    • Enforce capacity restrictions on connected peripherals
    • Monitor and log device use over time and view usage reports
    • Allow one-time device mounting
    • Allow time-limited device access
  • Integration and Compatibility Features
    • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), and 10.5 (Leopard)
    • Get enterprise-style capability with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) integration
    • Utilize command line scripts to integrate Device Filter with any management tool
    • Localized in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish
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