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Instructing a corporate training centre can often be a challenging task. Employees are expected to be able to quickly learn the classroom concepts being taught and return to work—no simple task when you consider that several weeks worth of information are being crammed into a mere few days. Add to that the fact that a training session can consist of learners from different job functions with diverse skillsets and varying levels of computer literacy. It’s clear that instructors need a solution to help them teach classroom concepts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Empowering Instructors With Control
Trying to coordinate simple tasks—whether it is having users open a website and then navigate through to the required page or trying to have them type in a complex URL—can often become a tedious and time-consuming task for instructors. Insight changes all this by delivering total control over training computers into the hands of the instructor. With Insight, instructors can easily launch applications and websites on all user workstations from a central console. Instructors no longer need to deal with distractions when teaching—such as users visiting the wrong website or opening applications that are not required. Instructors can blank and lock out workstations when attention is required at the front of the room, and the thumbnail feature allows instructors to monitor multiple workstation screens to see which users need assistance. Instructors can also monitor the running applications and Internet history on training centre computers to ensure users are on task.

Enhancing The Learning Experience
Insight enhances the learning experience for users by turning standard computer labs into interactive learning environments. Users are able to request and receive help directly in their workstation session, and appreciate the discretion that the instructor chat feature offers. They can discuss course material and ask questions without leaving their workstations and without disturbing other users. The anonymity that the voting feature provides users allows them to often times provide a more accurate answer to questions posed to the class. Users can also develop their leadership skills by sharing their screen with other users (under instructor supervision) and share their knowledge with the rest of the class.

Advancing Technology Without Increasing Complexity
The entire Insight user interface was designed with instructors in mind, which is why it is so intuitive to use. Within just a few minutes of using Insight, instructors become familiar with how Insight works and the features that are available. Insight’s learning curve and network bandwidth requirements are a fraction of that required by competing products—making it extremely popular with IT personnel who want to deploy an easy-to-use training center solution that won’t generate helpdesk requests or slow network traffic.

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