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Insight for Libraries

In addition to their daily administrative tasks, librarians often have to provide patrons with front-line support for library computers. Having to physically approach workstations when computer assistance is requested is not only tiresome for the librarian but also inefficient. Librarians also need to be able to effectively monitor user activity on the computers to ensure that patrons are not accessing inappropriate content.

Empowering Librarians With Control
After installing Insight, librarians are able to monitor the screens of multiple workstations to ensure patrons are only using library computers for permitted activities. Should a patron violate the acceptable use policy, librarians have the power to immediately shutdown the offending website, application, or even the whole computer.

Provide Immediate Assistance
Insight makes it easy for patrons to request help. Regardless of where the workstation is located in the library, users can request assistance directly from the workstation. Librarians can provide a reply from their computer, and if need by, remote into the user’s workstation to demonstrate the solution. Users enjoy immediate assistance, and librarians benefit from being able to keep their productivity high while still delivering first-class service to patrons.

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