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Power Save for Education

Every educator is concerned about the budget—year after year administrators are pressured to keep school operations running smoothly with less and less money. One area of recognized savings has always been the classroom computers. By implementing PC power management, schools can substantially reduce their power bill. Most schools have found this to be difficult to implement as the standard energy saving features that come with computers are disruptive to user and IT activity. Users can not afford to have computers power down during classroom activities or assignments, and IT personnel require computers to be on during maintenance and update sessions. Forced to leave the computers running all day and night, IT is either unable or unwilling to power computers down when they are not in use.

Non-Disruptive PC Power Management
Power Save is designed to look at CPU and Disk Utilization thresholds that IT administrators can set so that Power Save will not shut down computers if background jobs such as VPN, remote access, and remote backup are running. Power Save allows IT administrators to specify critical programs that are exempt from power down if they are running. CPU and Disk Utilization combines with this feature to ensure that systems are not powered down when students or teachers do not want them to. Power Save also supports Standby (recommended) and Hibernate power modes to ensure that any unsaved student or teacher data is not lost.

The ability to schedule Power Save configuration updates on a single, daily, weekly, or monthly basis allows IT administrators to effortlessly make changes to enterprise PC power management policies.

Verifiable Savings
Power Save generates accurate reports detailed by computer and monitor that show the incremental savings gained through the use of Power Save in both kWH and $; this data can be exported to any other reporting tool for additional analysis.

Power Save’s Audit mode provides a baseline measure of the energy being consumed, making it easy to determine the true value of the savings generated when Power Save’s features are enabled.

Rapid Return-On-Investment
The average return-on-investment for a Power Save deployment is 4 months—less if schools take advantage of energy rebate programs. Faronics has partnered with the largest energy utilities in North America to offer rebates that make Power Save free or available at a 50% discount. Faronics and its channel partners are also able to assist you with the paperwork to make this process easy and quick, and eliminate problems where rebates return to general revenue instead of your departmental budget.

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