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Printer Management Systems
Print Queue Manager
Automatically Control and Manage print jobs and print queues from one central Administrative Client. Set rules for Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery, and Print Broadcasting. Remotely Control all live print traffic on an entire enterprise!

Print Console
This intuitive and easy to use interface gives any Administrator or Help Desk technician complete awareness of live Print Jobs, Print Queues, and Print Traffic over your network! Corporations are in need of product which simplifies Help Desk printing requests.

Print Manager Plus Consulting
Manage new prospects by giving them full Printer Inventory and Print Traffic results on any size network. This traveling license of Print Manager Plus allows for up to 3 months of print traffic numbers per client.

Print Manager Plus Client Billing & Authentication
Authenticate and Manage Clients, Accounts, Matter Codes, and Users For Billing and Charge back purposes.

Print Manager Plus Academic Edition
Track, Control, Quota, and Restrict Student printing across your network. Academic Pricing available for K12, Higher Education and Non-Profit.

Print Manager Plus Network Enterprise Edition
Manage Users, Groups, OUs, Printers, and Print Traffic over your network and have full control of your corporate, government, and SMB environment.

Print Manager Plus Release Station
This complete web based Release Station allows Administrators and Users to fully release print jobs with an Active Directory login, Pay for Printing through PayPal, or just release jobs at the printer for full HIPAA compliancy.

This Print Manager Plus Option is fully web based requiring no additional hardware, i.e. Coin Boxes, Card Swipes, Proximity Badges, or other identification requirements, other than his already existing Windows Security login through Active Directory.

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