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Print Manager Plus Consulting
Print Manager Plus is a perfect assessment utility for any sales or support consultant handling printer hardware and peripherals. Using Print Manager Plus at a customer site to achieve complete knowledge of their printing enterprise gives you an edge on your competition. The complete and detailed data Print Manager Plus provides will impress any potential customer and lead to an immediate sale and a long lasting relationship.

This version is licensed as a traveling install, allowing a consultant to monitor a customer’s printing for up to 90 days. Monitor all printing with over 130 detailed premade reports and Graphs that allow you to see who are printing, what they are printing, and the cost of that printing. The product will keep track of all print job characteristics such as; Date/Time Printed, User, Document Title, Pages, Copies, Duplex, Nup, Bandwidth, and the cost of the print job. Large Format printing is tracked by Inches and Centimeters.

Also track this information by Users, User Groups, Organizational Units, and Printers. If the customers printing environment is a network using Active Directory, or just a simple WorkGroup setup Print Manager Plus tracks it all. The efficiency and speed of the product is transparent to the user.

Software Shelf is proud to offer the best technology on the market today and is proud to say we track any printer, and printer language from desktop inkjets, network LaserJet’s, Multifunctional devices to Large Format Printers.

The product can track any Operating System and uses Windows Server or Workstation to run from. Once the product is installed it changes nothing in Windows and its Ease of Use has made it the #1 Print Management software on the market today.

Features at a Glance

  • Complete Ease-of-Use.
  • 100% software based.
  • Runs on Windows Server & Workstation NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008.
  • Tracks printing from any Operating System.
  • Active Directory and WorkGroup Integration.
  • More than 130 built in Reports and Graphs.
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