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About Us
Renet Asia Sdn Bhd, an Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, was incorporated in Malaysia on July 12th 2005. Renet Asia Sdn Bhd (Renet Asia) was founded to provide innovative and effective solutions for the education and training community by leveraging the Internet and ICT as important mediums for improved learning and teaching (e-learning). Renet Asia Sdn Bhd would take the lead in spearheading the Education solutions market and addresses the e-learning business segments within the South-East Asia (SEA) region.

Since inception, Renet Asia Sdn Bhd has been dedicated in adopting cutting edge technologies and methodologies in its range of solutions and services to improve the educational experience with Internet-enabled technology that connects students, instructors, faculties, and the community in a growing network of education environments dedicated to a better communication, commerce, collaboration and content. Renet Asia Sdn Bhd is in the business of communicating knowledge – providing innovative learning and teaching solutions through a wide range of rich-media ICT solutions and services.

Renet Asia Sdn Bhd enables a highly effective e-learning environment that empowers institutions across the educational spectrum from lower education institutions (primary and secondary schools), higher education institutions (colleges, vocational schools, polytechnics, universities), to commercial organizations (enterprises), with the ability to achieve their unique business objectives productively and efficiently.

With our e-learning suite of solutions, we empower our clients to maximize on the available presence of a subjectmatter expert(s) or instructor(s) to deliver knowledge and information in real-time, as well as in a virtual environment, to be accessible on demand – Anytime, Anywhere.

Renet Asia Sdn Bhd is a recipient of the MSC-status from Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). Addressing the Support Services cluster under the Industry Development Division of MDeC, we are heavily involved in research, developing, promoting and marketing of world-class e-learning and education technology solutions around the region.

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