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Deep Freeze for Corporate/Government

Businesses are constantly in search of solutions that help ensure their operations run efficiently and without interruption. Since computers are relied upon for even the most basic of activities, it is imperative that their technology infrastructure is able to withstand attacks from threats such as viruses, malware, and day-zero attacks. Any interruption to business operations results in lost revenue and opportunities.

Office Computers
IT administrators can map employee profiles to an unprotected area or drive so that employees can save their emails, documents, spreadsheets, and projects. Deep Freeze provides employees with total assurance that their computers will never fail them and cause an interruption in their workday. Deep Freeze enables businesses to easily deploy absolute system resiliency to all corporate desktop and laptop computers. Organizations can easily control their enterprise deployments of Deep Freeze through Faronics Core Console, or through several popular desktop management solutions such as LANDesk Management Suite, Novell ZENworks, or Apple Remote Desktop. By using Deep Freeze, organizations can ensure the computers software is immune from system corruption, slowdown, and malicious intrusions.

Training Facilities
Using Deep Freeze in corporate training centers means that employees can focus on upgrading their knowledge and skills, rather than having to deal with malfunctioning workstations and misconfigured programs. By keeping training center computer configurations consistent with the instructor machine, users can easily learn by example in a standardized learning environment. Every class can count on the computers being ready-to-go in a pristine and fully functional state–without having to rely on IT personnel to reimage or refresh computers after each and every session.

Deep Freeze’s ability to prevent stability degradation ensures that training computers are able to provide the same experience over and over again regardless of the user on the desktop–an important prerequisite to successfully teaching a classroom concept.

Mobile Computing
Mobile and telecommuting are on the rise in today’s workforce. While this is great for employees who want flexible work arrangements, it’s a nightmare for IT personnel who need to service and maintain these off-site computers. Deep Freeze ensures that these computers enjoy rock-solid protection no matter where they are located–great for road warriors who travel far and often who depend on their laptops for all their business productivity and communication. Deep Freeze’s absolute protection ensures that any system misconfiguration or threat never causes permanent damage.

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